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Hiking and Healing

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H2O provides a safe space for women of color to connect and reset in the great outdoors. Hiking Healing (H2) and Outdoors (O) or H2O was birthed out of a desire to see more women of color connect and reset in a safe space. It was simply by chance, we found out the power of doing so outdoors. Our group adventures include hiking, kayaking and paddleboarding.

In 2019, our Founder and CEO Shawanna Kendrick, invited a group of friends to do something different. Instead of their usual Saturday morning brunch, they all went hiking. And, they loved it!

Today, they are still hiking. They are still connecting. And, the movement continues to grow as more and more women are both experiencing and exploring the physical and mental benefits of nature. In addition, being outdoors allows women of color to ‘just be’ without the added pressures of life.

What we’ve learned is that similar to hiking, life is a journey with highs, lows and lots of bumps in the road. But, as long as you continue putting one foot in front of the other, you’re making progress. Soon you’ll find yourself that much closer to your goal.

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