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Women's Athletic Shoes

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At Rykä we believe in a different status quo: a world made for women, made for us

By women, for women, starting with our founder Sheri Poe. We were the first brand ever to create athletic shoes specifically for a woman’s unique foot shape, muscle movement and build. And we’re the only athletic shoe company solely dedicated to women.

It’s a mission we’ve always believed in and celebrate every day. Because there’s strength and joy in a world that’s made for us. And we deserve nothing less.

We’ve devoted 35 years to perfecting athletic shoes with a fit made just for women. Because we’ve always known that your feet are different than his.

It all started with our founder, Sheri Poe, a fearless female warrior and sexual assault survivor. Using fitness as part of her healing journey, she set out to create the first athletic shoes designed exclusively for us.

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