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Outdoor Play that Transforms

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We believe growth is in our nature, but fear of stereotypes, failure, rejection, labels - those spoken over us, what we've said to ourselves, and what we've believed - limit our growth.

Our vision is to see a world without fear, where people everywhere are living to their potential.

​The way we're going to do this is by inspiring people to jump beyond their limitations. This is our day-to-day mission. Practically, we help women and girls take risks in the outdoors to enable them to break through fears and internal/external barriers in life so they can grow to their full potential.

Ultimately, we exist to unearth potential through outdoor play with reverence to nature. SheJumps holds events nationwide - from outdoor education to youth initiatives.

Originally hailing from Santa Fe, New Mexico, when founder Claire Smallwood's not skiing or at the helm of SheJumps, she's probably cooking. There's a strong likelihood it will involve red chile and meticulously diced shallots.


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