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The Bronze Chapter

Rewriting Our Outdoor Narrative One Adventure at a Time

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The Bronze Chapter is committed to dissolving barriers and expanding outdoor access through offering education and opportunities that help communities of color bridge the Adventure Gap in nature-based outdoor recreation activities. The Bronze Chapter creates community at the intersection of identity and the outdoors. We re-connect underrepresented communities of color to nature and the natural world through outdoor knowledge-sharing, skill-sharing, and recreation.

We strengthen our relationship with the outdoors through educational campouts, activities and classes, and we learn how to become advocates for nature and the planet while invigorating our relationship with the natural world.

Denice Rochelle (she/her) was born in Washington State and has always felt a connection with outdoors, water, and animals. The Pacific Northwest is her home and inspiration. She formed The Bronze Chapter to open more doors to the outdoors for all people of color, to be a catalyst for developing a more skilled outdoor BIPOC community that’s capable of stewarding the Earth for generations to come, and to help people rewrite their outdoor narratives. As an onramp to the outdoors, and through knowledge, skill, and resource sharing, The Bronze Chapter is growing outdoor community and creating opportunities for individuals, couples, and families to change their outdoor legacies. Denice is a professional real estate broker (23 years) and freelance legal services provider (39 years) that now works by word-of-mouth referral. See you outside!


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