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What is Outspring?

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Outspring is a discovery platform dedicated to showcasing and supporting women-owned and women-forward outdoor brands, nonprofits and community organizers. It’s a space where you can discover women who are influencing the outdoor industry with their products, services, and stories. It’s a gathering place where you’ll find opportunities to connect with other women who crave being outside.

Outspring is a comprehensive collection of women-owned outdoor brands, ranging from apparel and gear to adventure travel, podcasts and photography. We aim to foster a sense of belonging and inclusivity by providing a space for all sectors of the outdoor industry to come together and celebrate our shared love of the outdoors.

Whether you’re an avid hiker, a newbie overlander, or someone who simply appreciates the beauty of nature, Outspring is here to help you discover incredible women-owned brands that align with your values and address the unique challenges that women getting outside can face.

Discover the innovation in design and powerful communities that emerge when women build businesses based on their particular lived experiences, identities, and needs. Business owners, non-profit leaders, and the casual enjoyer of nature can all utilize Outspring to find amazing women-led businesses and nonprofits to join, support and connect with.

The inspiring entrepreneurs and space-makers featured here celebrate the diversity of talents and perspectives within the outdoor community. Whether you’re a maker or a buyer, a mover or a shaker, a climber or a powerwalker–we hope you’ll feel right at home.

Photo by Regine Trias

At the Rebelle Rally

Photo by Regine Trias

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At the Rebelle Rally

Photo by Regine Trias

Photo by Regine Trias

Why Outspring?

It’s easy to make the whole thing about gender when it is really about representation and experience. An acknowledgment of what unites the experience of being outdoors as women and underrepresented identities.

The one thread that weaves through every outdoor experience is water – we pack it in, we navigate around it, we watch the sun sparkle in it. A spring represents abundance, clarity and a bit of surprise. A spring is dynamic and playful and we loved the visual of “outspring” – to spring out, to spring forth.

Everyone deserves abundance and flow in their outdoor experiences and our goal with Outspring is to foster connections and discoveries that will produce an outpouring of support, innovation and community.

Who is behind outspring?

Outspring is brought to you by longtime outdoor lover and community builder, Tami Jo Benson. Tami Jo saw an opportunity to fuse her professional experience bringing people together planning and executing large scale events with her longtime love of being outside.

Tami Jo dreams of fostering more spaces for women to gather, and after a life-changing trip with Rebelle Rally (an all-women, off-road navigation rally for 1600 miles using only a map and compass – no GPS), a question began to form: it was easy to find women in the outdoors–but why was it so hard to find women’s needs being addressed or women’s experiences represented in the outdoor industry?

Tami Jo started dreaming into Outspring in 2021 and launched in 2022 with the goal of creating a space for nature-appreciators, thought-leaders, space-creators, and visionaries that builds not just customers, but community.

With over 500 brands and growing, Outspring is an indispensable database curated across products, stories, experiences and services for anyone interested in finding, supporting and uplifting underrepresented groups in the outdoors.

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