The Outspring Logo The Outspring is a discovery platform of outdoor brands made for and by women.


What is the Outspring?

At its core, the Outspring is a community built on abundance, joy, and representation. It’s a space where you can discover women who are influencing the outdoor industry with their products, services, and stories. It’s also a gathering place where you’ll find opportunities to connect with other women who crave being outside. And whether you’re a maker or a buyer, a mover or a shaker, a climber or a powerwalker–we hope you’ll feel right at home.

The Origins

After stumbling into Product Management with a virtual events SaaS platform, Tami Jo left to find a role with greater alignment with her values, particularly her love for the outdoors. While researching digital products with an outdoor focus, she wondered, “Are any of these companies run by women?” With this question in mind, she started a simple spreadsheet capturing several companies.

At the same time, she committed to fulfill a dream of participating in an all-women off road rally - 2500km through the wilds of California and Nevada - navigating with only a map and compass. Pursuing this dream landed her at the Overland Expo in Flagstaff, AZ, where she asked every woman in a booth, “Is this a women-owned business? Do you know of any?” The OutSpring is the result of this curiosity.


hey! if we know about each other, look at all the cool shit we can do together.


The Name

It’s easy to make the whole thing about gender when it is really about representation and experience. An acknowledgment of what unites the experience of being outdoors as women and underrepresented genders. The one thread that weaves through every outdoor experience is water - we pack it in, we navigate around it, we watch the sun sparkle in it. A spring represents abundance, clarity and a bit of surprise. A spring is dynamic and playful. Running this idea past a friend, she suggested “outspring” - to spring out, to spring forth. Perfect.



Stretch your legs and stay awhile.

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