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A Girls Guide to Cars

The Best Car Site for Women

We are a community, and we are powerful. That’s because women buy or influence the purchase of 85% of all cars. Without us, the auto industry would not thrive.

Realizing this, A Girls Guide to Cars was born as a community of writers, influencers, friends and women who buy, care for, and live their lives in and around their cars: their own car, the family car, and often the cars of family members. A Girls Guide to Cars is dedicated to sharing car purchase information, experiences and stories, told from personal points of view and focusing on what is important in a fun, smart, advice-from-your-best-friend way.

A Girls Guide to Cars brings together the insights and views of writers and reviewers who share their unbiased, honest and personal narratives about cars and their lives in cars.

People ask how Scotty Reiss got into the auto business, but actually, the auto business found her. Never a car enthusiast or fanatic, she co-founded SheBuysCars in 2013 and realized that the car world, which seemed so closed off to women, was a wonderful new place for a girl to blossom. Five years later, A Girls Guide to Cars refocused that mission with a fun, fresh and informative new appeal.

A content development expert, Scotty began as a journalist and has written for the New York Times, Town & Country, Entrepreneur, Good Housekeeping, Cosmopolitan and Adweek, among others. She is the co-author of Stew Leonard, My Story, a biography of the founder of the iconic grocery company Stew Leonard’s. In addition to her writing, Scotty produced the American Express Publishing Luxury Summit, PRWeek magazine’s annual meeting and a series of Luxury Marketing Council events. Scotty lives in Connecticut with her husband and two daughters

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