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Women like us identify as a lot of things when it comes to being outdoorsy, or being into health and wellness. Mostly, we’ve found that we don’t want to have to be either / or. … It’s more of an and.

But we also know that not everyone wants to be a hardcore athlete, and that's okay! We want to welcome everyone to our community, no matter your level of experience or fitness. You be you, and I'll celebrate that.

Here at Active Threads we are dedicated to being the best host to you. We know how important it is to have the right gear and apparel for your adventures, and we also know that you care about the impact of the products you invest in. That's why we are constantly curating a collection of responsible and ethical brands that make fashionable and highly functional apparel, gear, and accessories.

Our goal with Active Threads is to build and serve a community of women who love to be active and cherish time outside with friends and family.

We’re two people who lean into the beautiful complexity of women’s lives. We’re: moms, friends, wives, sometimes serious athletes, sometimes devoted relaxers, lighthearted adventurers, do-gooders, and businesswomen. For the record: Those descriptors change in order of importance by the moment and by the day. And we think that’s okay.

After years leading different buying divisions at one the world’s biggest e-commerce sites, we recognized a few problems with the e-commerce model. The convenience is great, but the joy of discovering interesting new brands was decidedly lacking. And the risk of “trying” an unfamiliar product or brand effectively wiped out all the benefits of all that supposed convenience.

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