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Awkward Angler Podcast

An authentic series talking about fishing, social justice and storytelling with folx within the outdoor industry.

Welcome to The Awkward Angler Podcast - a special mini series sponsored by the Trout Unlimited Alaska Program.
I am your host, Erica Nelson. In this mini series you’ll hear from the Bristol Bay Fly Fishing & Guide Academy students, instructors, and how you can take action on Pebble Mine to protect generations of traditional living, protect wild salmon, Alaska jobs and economy, and world class recreational fishing.

The Awkward Journey.
I am based in ancestral lands of the Ute Tribe, currently known as Crested Butte, Colorado. I am a self taught angler and now fly fishing guide that is passionate about sharing my learning journey.

I started fly fishing in 2016 in Wyoming. I borrowed a fly rod and watched some YouTube videos. After many tangles and lost flies, I leveraged Tinder to get pro tips from all those guys holding fish.

I then started my Instagram account @AwkwardAngler to meet more people who were willing to teach and answer questions, and eventually found a mentor.

I am a Brown Folks Fishing ambassador, community that cultivates the visibility, representation, and inclusion of people of color in fishing and its industry.

I have observed that, there are many barriers to becoming involved in fly fishing.

Learning how to fly fish isn’t easy or accessible for all, and my goal is to increase awareness and education around this, while infusing my dry fly humor.

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Erica is an incredible example of how sharing your passion can create a beautiful ripple effect.

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