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Beloved Packs

No mess, no pills, just relief and love.

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Beloved Packs are reusable hot + cold therapy packs for natural pain and stress relief. Each pack is filled with rice to retain your desired temperature. Warmed up they help to increase circulation and when applied cool they aid in decreasing inflammation.

They can help to sooth: backaches, stiff joints, cramps, pre + postpartum pain, arthritis, bumps and bruises, cystic acne, tense shoulders or just to relax after a long day. Our easy to use hot + cold therapy packs offer relief and a reminder that you are dearly loved

In 2016, Vida created her line of reusable hot + cold therapy packs, Beloved Packs, as a simple and effective tool for pain and stress relief, and bonus, a great gift for family and friends.

After wrestling with some heavy losses Vida grew more aware of the need to be proactive about self-care. So, Beloved Packs became an avenue to spread the message that no matter what life may throw your way, you are precious and dearly loved.

Beloved Packs: No mess, no pills, just relief + love.

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