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Bivo fuels more fun.

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Bivo is the first stainless steel bottle with a flow-rate fit for cyclists.

We realized from the beginning of creating the first Bivo bottle that it had to perform as well or better than traditional plastic cycling bottles. Why?! As a product that was going to be focused on health and sustainability, we were confident that without nailing performance too, it would flop. We simply couldn’t think of a cyclist who would use a nifty stainless bottle only to have to convince their cycling friend to pull over while they unscrewed the lid to drink. No, our bottle had to perform as well or better than plastic in multiple areas to ensure it would be adopted. And, most importantly, you had to be able to use one hand and get a whole heck of a lot of water without squeezing.

We are a small team of six people living (mostly) in Vermont. We love product, challenges, being outside, bikes, and people.
Our hometown of Richmond is nestled in the green mountains and is home to 40+ miles of mountain bike trails and hundreds of miles of dirt roads. The trails and roads keep us busy and full of adventures, but the community is what pulls us together. Vermont is a small, tightknit, and incredibly passionate community. You can always find yourself a spot to pull over on your bike, grab a snack, and chat with a fellow Vermonter about the weather (hot topic always!). The pride and loyalty to each other and the environment runs deep here and we all love to call Vermont home.

Bivo is the culmination of months of conversations and one terrible drink from an old cross country skiing drink belt that filled our mouths with nothing but old moldy water and a whole bunch of plastic taste.

You could say it was a lightbulb moment, we think of it as a terrible taste experience. Regardless, we dove straight into the world of bottles after realizing there wasn’t a solution that could offer both the performance features and health benefits we desired. In creating Bivo, we sought to design a stainless steel performance water bottle with a flow rate that could keep up with our hydration needs. No chugging, no air, no mold, just a clean path of water delivered with ease.

- Carina Hamel & Robby Ringer (founders of Bivo)

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