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Colorado Aromatics

Clean, functional skincare - from our farm to your skin

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Cultivated Skincare is our skincare line made using herbs grown on our Colorado Aromatics farm. This farm to skin brand utilizes the power of herbs and science to create highly effective skin care products for you. These products are formulated to address the needs of the outdoor man and woman, particularly after sun care. The Colorado climate, sun and the outdoor lifestyle can have damaging effects on the skin. After spending time in the sun, your skin needs help. By using antioxidant rich herbs and other actives, our line can help minimize dry skin, hyperpigmentation, redness & irritation and wrinkles. Your skin barrier function is an important role your skin plays in your overall health and we aim to protect it from damage. Our complete line includes: face care, body care, bath/shower products and hand crafted soaps.

Colorado Aromatics Cultivated Skincare products are formulated by our founder, Dr. Cindy Jones - a Ph.D. Biochemist, Toxicologist, and herbalist. Using her deep knowledge of skin physiology and a thorough understanding of ingredients, Dr. Cindy Jones works to create products that are natural, effective, practical and perfect for after sun care. Her passion for science and her love of herbs are the catalysts behind our Cultivated Skincare line.

Cindy grew up hiking, gardening and now farming. As she began to see changes in her skin due to sun, wind, and the arid Colorado climate, she looked for ways to minimize those effects. Using her knowledge as a biochemist and herbalist she studied solutions to keep the skin as healthy as possible under adverse weather conditions. Her hobby turned into a passion and she formulated Colorado Aromatics skin care line to be sustainable, highly functional and have great skin feel.

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