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Daily Briefs

Emotional Support Undies

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High-quality underwear delivering secret mood-boosting messages. From motivational quotes to cheeky one-liners, each pair is designed to add a twist of delight to everyday life. Our FAN FAVORITE BRIEF is everyone's favorite, comfiest, luckiest pair. Made from buttery-soft fabric, Daily Briefs do not sacrifice comfort for style, and our unboxing experience is second to none. Daily Briefs underwear is a fashion brand known for its comfortable, stylish, and provocative undergarments. We have gained a loyal following of BFFs who enjoy the quirkiness and uniqueness of our products. Daily Briefs is a popular choice of gifts among women who value friendship.


In 2022 Creative Director Katy Kunkel wondered, "What if we invested in the untapped canvas between one's legs?" Yes, there's an obvious, engaging, personal billboard in your briefs. "Such an undervalued way to support your BFF, " she thought. Then, boom, Daily Briefs was born

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offerings: underwear

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