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Dirty Love

Apparel and Accessories for Women who Offroad

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So who was Dirty Love created for? It’s for the women out there driven to lead the way! For those of us who love taking the road less travelled, and if something is blocking that road, we embrace the challenge of finding our way over it. Hell, anyone can go around, but Dirty Love is about the confidence to push harder than you thought was possible and realizing at the end of the day a true badass resides inside. We are the drivers and copilots looking for those mountains to peak, those dunes to dominate and those mud puddles to murder. We love the wind in our hair, the sun on our face and even the grit in our teeth from a day of pure outdoor bliss. Dirty Love is a way of life that never holds back and if you are smiling right now just thinking about your next adventure, well then YOU my friend are what Dirty Love is all about.

Dirty Love was a brainchild spawned during a long 8-hour road trip home. I was wearing my favorite hoodie from a friend’s offroad shop when I realized there really wasn’t a big selection of offroad brands geared towards the female enthusiast. Why was that? I wanted a brand I could identify with that embraced my adventurous, albeit sometimes dark and wicked, spirit. A brand that empowered women of all ages and all stages out there having fun. A brand I could call my own but most importantly be proud to wear because I knew it represented something I’ve come to love, and it was a Dirty kind of Love.

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