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Elevate Outdoors

Unforgettable Guided trips in Moab, Utah

Elevate Outdoors offers premier guiding services that include rock climbing, canyoneering and a brand-new activity on the market: Highlining. We are proud of our ability to connect with our customers and provide a customized guiding experience to fit their goals. We are the first Highline guiding business in the nation, and with our signature Sky Walk we have created a way for anyone to walk a highline, even with no prior experience.

My name is Faith Dickey and I am excited to not only be a woman-owned and operated business, but also to be an AMGA certified climbing instructor and to teach others how to engage in these incredible outdoor sports. Come climb a desert tower, rappel off a cliff or walk in the sky with me!

A large part of my passion lies in helping people overcome fear and learn useful techniques for navigating mental barriers, getting more women outside, and sharing the intersection of outdoor sports with personal growth. I aim to empower others by helping them expand their limits and learn what they are capable of, one step at a time. My business is focused on stewardship, teaching clients about the history of these areas and the local ecosystems, with LNT principles as a guiding force in my operation.

Additionally, one arm of my business is specialized rigging and edge protection for film shoots in Moab, a fast-growing industry that often requires knowledgeable riggers to secure camera crews in high-angle environments. With over a decade of rigging experience, when your crew needs to get the shot, let us keep you safe while doing so!

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