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Emily Holland Consulting Co.

Podcast Support and Coaching

Our mission is to help content creators and community organizers build and grow their impact, uplift and improve their strategies, and consistently experiment.

Our goal is to give creators more space to be creative, give them more time back in their day to chase their passions, and spend quality time with the important people in their life.

Emily Holland Consulting Co offers podcast support and coaching services. Whether you’re just beginning your podcasting journey or you’ve been podcasting for years, we’re here to help you feel confident and excited about your show.

With a wealth of experience, our team creates strategies to foster expansion, streamlines processes to keep things moving smoothly, and manages day-to-day operations to give creators time back in their day.

After years in the corporate world, learning a ton, I decided to go off on my own and create my own path.

While I was working in corporate America, I was creating podcasts on the side. What started as a passion project has since become my full-time passion.

I have produced, hosted, and edited podcasts since 2018. I started with The Stokecast in 2018 and now host and produce the Nature Untold Podcast. And now, I help other podcasters get started or supercharge what they’ve already built.

I’ve been copywriting before I even knew it was copywriting. I wrote my own websites, created social content and blog pieces, and wrote scripts. Now, I work with companies to write powerful, thoughtful, and engaging content to serve their customers.

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