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EveryBODY on Trails

Supportive community of people with and without disabilities

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Everybody on Trails' mission is to provide equitable access to gear, opportunities, and a supportive community through fundraising for equipment and to empower individuals with and without disabilities of all ages to experience the joy of outdoor trails by offering inclusive meet-ups.

The average annual cost of adaptive outdoor gear for a person with a disability is $13,492 which is significantly higher than the cost of non-adaptive gear for a person without a disability: $2,836. Outdoor gear is less accessible for people with disabilities due to the financial burden caused by the higher cost of adaptive equipement, access to additional finances for adaptive equipment for reasons such as having to rely on disability income, the high cost of medical care, and more. We believe that adaptive gear should be accessible to people with disabilities just as outdoor gear is accessible to people without disabilities and that people with disabilities have the right to choose when and where they recreate. Equitable access to outdoor gear including adaptive bikes, off-road wheelchairs, quality shoes, trekking poles, etc. will help more people with disabilities safely access trails. And last but not least, we believe in the importance of building a community of people with and without disabilities to make the outdoors more accessible and to nurture a community of equity and inclusion of people with disabilities.

Amanda grew up in Utah enjoying outdoor adventures with her family such as camping and fishing. In 2021 she decided to start sharing her love for the National Parks online @nationalaparkcapable with her goal to see all 63 national parks in her lifetime. As she started sharing her experiences exploring and hiking trails she noticed some barriers that she and her daughter had getting on trails and she wanted to help take down those barriers.

As she started working as an outdoor accessibility advocate and creator she not only saw the barriers people with disabilities had getting on trails but also the need for inclusion and community despite all of our differences. She became very passionate in sharing that EveryBODY belongs on trails together. This is when she decided to start this nonprofit EveryBODY on Trails to help with the barriers such as getting the right equipment that is often needed for those with disabilities such as adaptive mountain bikes, off roading wheelchairs, and things as simple as quality hiking shoes and trekking poles.

Amanda was born with Cerebral Palsy and has had 22 surgeries to help her walk with and without medical devices depending on the day and time of year. Being in the outdoors not only increased her mental health but was also a way she felt empowered in being a mom, showing her daughter that we can really do things together outside.

Amanda graduated from Utah Valley University with a degree in Behavioral Science. She then went on to work as an ABA therapist with kids on the autism spectrum, an employment specialist for people with disabilities, and then a support coordinator for the Division of Persons with disabilities in Utah. She has a high passion for helping those with disabilities and showing the world all the things we are capable of.


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