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Happi Headwear

Tame the Frizz

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Rooted in the mountains, Happi Headware is focused on creating accessories that will allow you to explore without worrying about a bad hair day. Featuring images of the real places we love to explore, our headbands are vigorously tested on the Colorado mountain trails, Happi Headware is sure to keep your sweat and hair out of your face while you find your adventure.

Happi Headware's headbands are designed with the active in mind. The liners of our headbands are made with wicking, sports focused fabrics designed to keep the sweat out of your hair and eyes. All of our designs are made through sublimation technology. Using high heat and ink, sublimation ensures that our designs will never fade, never crack, and doesn't affect the performance of the fabric allowing our designs to shine through and still let the fabric live up to its full potential!

Alyssa has loved everything about the outdoors since her first camping trip at 9 months. Now, 22 years old, she is still an avid explorer and now mountain biker; but, with curly, frizzy hair, the "helmet hair" was a constant problem. Happi Headware is her solution to this age old complication. Starting in January 2017, at age 16, Alyssa has worked to find images, fabric, and the correct fit for Happi Headware’s headbands. Happi Headware strives to bring functional and fashionable headware to everyone. Whether it’s a quick shopping trip, or a 50 mile training run, Happi Headware is here to #tamethefrizz!

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