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Hike+Heal is a diverse women’s hiking hive offering healing hikes to increase overall physical, mental and spiritual wellness. This group was created to build a strong community of women who desire to prioritize their self-care through community care in nature.

Hike + Heal is a safe space for women to share their stories while fostering a strong sense of community, and making time spent outdoors & self-care accessible to all.

Each month we host a healing hike for women. Our healing hikes are a wonderful opportunity for women to make, renew, and revitalize their commitment to live healthier lives. Our hikes are open to ALL women of all fitness levels. No hiking experience necessary!

Each month we host a social event to connect with women who have or have not attended our hikes. This gives our hike hive hunnies the opportunity to pick up on connections they have already made and/or vibe with women they haven’t yet had a chance to connect with.

It all started with a trip to Colorado in 2017… our founder Brandi, took a trip to Colorado where she experienced her first hike as an adult. Following this challenging and exhilarating hike, she desired to explore hiking when she returned back home to Philly.

Brandi’s search for a hiking group in her hometown Philly, resulted in zero findings. So she decided to create what she wanted to see and began curating free monthly hike programming in March 2019.

After a year of curating a safe space to cultivate dialogue, promote overall wellness and keep the hive connected throughout 2020, a digital membership was evident.

The membership served as a virtual healing sanctuary for women to thrive, evolve and support their overall wellness with various holistic approaches.

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