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Icelantic Skis

Return to Nature

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We are proud to produce 100% of our skis right here in our home state of Colorado.
Icelantic was started as an idea. This idea turned into focus and this focus turned into reality. Through a lot of hard work from a group of passionate friends, Icelantic came to life. Check out the whole story below!

Let’s start with our logo: One Degree Celsius. A temperature of change. As tiny water droplets descend from the winter sky, crystalline structures begin forming one by one, each completely unique and wondrous, floating, falling, and ultimately bonding together to create one of our favorite things: snow.

To both create a product and experience that inspires people to Return To Nature,

And to create a culture that leaves the world better than we found it.

CEO Annelise Lovelie grew up in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and spent her childhood outside exploring the world and adventuring in her backyard. A childhood friend of Ben and Travis, she naturally gravitated to the idea of starting a ski company, and many moons later, is still here. As CEO, Annelise takes pride in creating a work environment that is safe, open, healthy, and poised for growth. Outside of running Icelantic, Annelise finds joy in exploring nature with her friends and dog, Louie, gardening, practicing herbalism, cooking, dancing and singing loud.

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