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In Solidarity Project

Bringing the outdoor industry together to build a more inclusive future.

We are passionate about building a better, stronger, more diverse outdoor industry. We work closely with industry partners to sign The Outdoor CEO Diversity Pledge and to facilitate and lead DEI-focused consulting projects and speaking engagements.

The Outdoor CEO Diversity Pledge connects leading outdoor brands with inclusion advocates to advance representation for people of color across the industry. We're focused on enhancing representation across staff and executive teams, media and marketing, and athletes/ambassadors. By building a relationship of support, empathy and understanding, versus external skepticism and internal stress, we’re moving the outdoor industry towards authentic inclusion.

Teresa Baker is determined to make a difference in the work of diversity and inclusion in outdoor spaces. She understands that if we are to move forward in efforts of environmental protection, more faces need to be engaged in the conversations and most importantly, the work. Currently those faces belong to underrepresented communities across the country, communities of color specifically. Teresa grew up in the Bay Area as an outdoor enthusiast, but she understands the stakes are higher now. Her focus is in community engagement, creating events that encourage people to venture outdoors responsibly, and learning about our open spaces and what it takes to protect them.

Teresa has created such projects as the Buffalo Soldiers Trail retracing project from the Presidio of San Francisco to Yosemite National Park, the Women's Outdoor Summit For Empowerment, the Women's over 50 Outside campaign, and the Outdoor CEO Diversity Pledge, to name a few. The CEO Pledge has been highly successful, with over 180 brands and non-profits currently signed on.

Teresa is committed to creating outdoor experiences that speak to culture, environmental responsibility, and inclusion, while bridging the gap between business and community.

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