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Itacate Foods

Latin backpacking food for adventurers with great taste and strong values

The Meaning of Itacate Foods
Itacate comes from the Nahuatl word – Itacatl. It is the food that you take on a journey and it is also the bundle of food that you are given to take home with you at the end of a family gathering. An Itacate is full of love.

About the Founder
¡Hola! My name is Martha (Yoli to family). I was born in central Mexico and immigrated to the San Francisco Bay area with my family at the age of 10. Our weekend family outings consisted of visits to regional, state, and national parks in the area. This is where we celebrated birthdays, had cross country meets, family cycling, hiking, and camping trips. We made great memories with family and friends and our collective love for the outdoors was born.

In college, I discovered backpacking, but didn’t have the funds to participate and was intimidated by the lack of diversity in the space. Once my girlfriends and I tried it, we absolutely fell in love! However, one piece has been missing… comfort food we can relate to. This is where Itacate comes in. I want folks to see a part of themselves and their travels represented on the menu.

what we love

The Itacate Foods team is living their mission with Juntos Outdoors non-profit program increasing DEI in outdoor recreation.

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