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Orchestra Provisions

Harnessing the power of crickets to create simple, whole foods protein blends.

At Orchestra Provisions we are reimagining traditional protein sources by incorporating crickets—the most ecologically regenerative, nutrient-dense protein source on the planet—into daily-use superfood blends that can help repair our broken food system for future generations.

Sustainability is no longer enough.

Not Only Protein- our products contain many nutrients that work toward your daily requirements. This form of protein is more easily absorbed and assimilated in the body. Feel good knowing you are also getting:

Heme-iron - Calcium - B-vitamins - Essential Fatty Acids

Orchestra Provisions was founded by Kate Stoddard, a native Idahoan with intertwined passions for nature and the nourishment it provides. Kate's career as a wilderness river guide instilled a keen sense of stewardship and duty to protect, and educate people about the importance of wild, natural spaces. Kate obtained a masters in the science of nutrition from the National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon. It was here that Kate focused her energy toward food systems and necessary education regarding the search for regenerative solutions. This inevitably led to the great matter of feeding a flourishing population of humans.

While studying lifecycle nutrition and iron deficiency anemia, Kate came across such a solution. Her research resulted in an obsession regarding tribal communities in Zimbabwe who, despite their vegetarian diets, were able to avoid this number one global public health concern. The answer? They weren't completely vegetarian, they ate grubs that were incredibly rich in heme-iron, and when dehydrated, very shelf stable. This led her to an onslaught of research including a UN and FAO report on the viability and sustainability of feeding billions of mouths with insect protein.

Kate instantly ordered all of the insects she could find for her kitchen, and it probably won't come to a surprise that they were challenging to incorporate into her diet. This is where Orchestra was born and a philosophy that insects can be used as ingredients and don't have to be eaten whole to reap the nutritional and sustainable benefits of this incredible superfood staple, and so Orchestra's delicious superfood blends were created!

Kate is mother to an amazing child Wren, and as all mothers, incredibly dedicated to the future.

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We love the research-backed approach!

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