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Outdoor Besties

Healing and Adventure

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Outdoor Besties is a multi-problem solution for communities of color to confront the barriers to wellbeing and deepen relationships. Outdoor Besties App you can discover healing and adventurous outdoor activities led by knowledgeable women of color or you may benefit from the Breathe Bestie classes for you or for your workplace. Finally, the Well~ish Summit provides learning opportunities via QA interviews and workshops led by health, wellness and environmental professionals across the Diaspora.


From Chasma Smith, Founder + Adventure Capitalist

As a Black Woman, I have experienced the barriers that marginalize communities of color, particularly in health and wellness spaces. After my mom experienced a heart attack, I became committed to her post surgery recovery and learning to reduce my own risks for heart disease. Regular walks in the park kept us active, reduced stress and became an opportunity to bond.

These walks also allowed me to witness the healing that outdoor adventure can facilitate. This is why I founded Outdoor Besties. Prior to building Outdoor Besties, I built engagement programs and developed partnerships to support equity within the mental health, technology, and social impact sectors. While I enjoyed my previous career endeavors, creating Outdoor Besties is the most aligned I’ve ever felt in my mission to enact the equitable change I envisioned.

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