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We hike to heal

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Our mission is to encourage women all over the world to tap into the healing and empowering influences within ourselves, our communities and the Great Outdoors.

The idea for the Outdoor Journal Tour and our signature event #wehiketoheal was born out of a desire to help women learn the importance of “praying with their energy”, actively moving into alignment with their goals and living as if they already embody them.

The Outdoor Journal Tour and #wehiketoheal are designed for women who want to dive deeper into their personal development but are bored with traditional self-help methods. Participants will have the opportunity to explore scenic landscapes and hiking trails while being guided through an empowering (and customized) personal discovery process that uses physical activity, journaling and meditation as healing tools. The process includes daily writing prompts, engaging exercises and weekly guided meditations. If this sounds good to you we look forward to welcoming you into the community!

About Kenya
Kenya Jackson-Saulters is a co-founder, and Chief Experience Officer for the Outdoor Journal Tour. She also is a four-time published self-help author and certified reiki master. With a formal background in psychology and nonprofit management, Kenya is also an avid student of Buddhism, metaphysics, and quantum mechanics. Kenya has always been drawn to the self-help industry, particularly areas that empower women. Since 2015, outdoor spaces have served as a spiritual and emotional respite for Kenya. It is her sincere pleasure to bring her unique blend of self-help to the outdoor community that she has grown to love so much.

About Michelle
Michelle Jackson-Saulters is a Co-founder and Chief Operations Officer for the Outdoor Journal Tour and the #wehiketoheal movement. Since the inception of The Outdoor Journal Tour in 2015, Michelle has traveled all over the country, alongside co-founder and wife Kenya, empowering women through mindfulness and the great outdoors. Together, she and Kenya have reached thousands of women. Professionally, Michelle is a bilingual Sales & Service Manager for an airline catering company. With over a decade of industry experience, she has excelled as the youngest member on her team working with some of the largest and most profitable airlines in the world. Michelle is a self-proclaimed feminist and nerd that wishes to share her light with the world. When she is not traveling, you will find her working on home improvement projects, planning her next adventure, or hanging out with her new puppy Luna and friends both on and off the trails.

what we love

We love the Nature Meditations cards! They are a great way to take simple steps toward weaving mindfulness and nature experiences.


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