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Outdoor Mavens

Premier Adventure Outfitters

Outdoor Mavens is professional backcountry travel experts charting your path to the outdoors. We provide the tools, guidance, and expertise needed to create an outdoor adventure that is safe, memorable and empowering.

The words Adventure Consultant might cause you to picture a trip up Mount Everest in the 90’s. This seems outdated in our opinion. Think of us as a travel agent, expert googler, boots-on-the-ground specialist. We know the areas, we know how to live outside, and we know how to have a good time. As Adventure Consultants we will give you an easy-to-use itinerary that allows for you to enjoy your trip, your family, and the landscape.

If you are ready to take to the trail, learn wilderness skills, have all the gear provided and embark on a stunning adventure, please join us. We offer a variety of multi-day trips that range from full on backpacking to car camping in established campgrounds. All trips are guided by trained wilderness professionals.

Traci Salisbury has 10 years of experience navigating the great outdoors. She has led alternative summer breaks for kids in the Himalaya, guided countless backpacking parties in the canyons of Utah, and has led people on llama pack trips out of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. She values the way that getting outdoors can facilitate healing and rejuvenation. Traci founded Outdoor Mavens in 2020, aiming to create a platform where people can leverage the knowledge of outdoor professionals while building confidence by venturing outdoors independently.

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