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Outdoor Womxn believes that we need to rethink the way we do business. Sustainable and Ethical supply chains are essential to combating climate change and supporting universal human rights.

Part of our mission is to highlight womxn/female owned brands to promote these incredible entrepreneurs to break into the male dominated outdoor industry. Our community lifts our fellow womxn to support them in their rad adventures.

Representation matters. Highlighting brands in the outdoor space that are owned and operated by people of color is a step towards a more diverse marketplace and industry.

We are a group of people who identify as female and men that support womxn outdoors and indoors. We highlight womxn owned brands in the outdoor industry that don’t get the recognition at larger outdoor retailers or even the initial conversation with the category buyer. We want to support local female makers to the woman who wants to be the CEO of a billion dollar outdoor company. We believe that the future of the outdoor industry is Womxn.

We have consciously decided to name our community Womxn to be inclusive of trans womxn, womxn of color, and nonbinary folx and everyone in between. In doing so, we will be highlighting brands owned or managed by people of color. To say it frank, the outdoor industry is incredibly white, heteronormative and gender binary catters to a white audience that often excludes people of color and the lbgtq+ community from access to the outdoors and the industry itself. Our platform aims to help change the stigma of people of color and the LBGTQ+ community on the fringe of the outdoors and put all groups front and center.


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