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Prickly Pear performance leggings and shorts are designed to let active women with minor to moderate bladder leaks do what they love to do.

Bladder leaks (called stress urinary incontinence or SUI) can happen when physical movement or activity (running, coughing, lifting, laughing) puts pressure on your bladder causing you to leak urine. Although it most often affects postmenopausal women who’ve had kids, it can happen to women at any age. Bladder leakage affects up to 50% of us at some point during our lives. That includes 45% of elite female athletes, by the way.
While SUI is common, it’s not normal. We’re not medical experts, so we recommend you consult a trusted healthcare professional to find out what’s causing you to leak and come up with a treatment plan. In the meantime, we’re here to help you stay active. Bladder leaks should not keep you from doing the activities you love! Yes, it is frustrating to have to duck into a port-a-potty during a run or sneak out of a yoga class to use the bathroom. We get it. It happens to us too. Whether you are resuming training after a long stretch of career and family obligations, signing up for your first 5K, trying out cross fit, or just planning a weekend walk with friends, we’ve got you covered.

Our leggings and shorts do their job with layers of protection.

Hello! I’m Kim Pierpoint, Prickly Pear Sports founder, retired healthcare administrator and avid sprint triathlete. I did my first sprint at age 54 and was immediately hooked but out of shape. As I started training harder I experienced embarrassingly visible bladder leaks. Running track was nearly impossible and at times I had to stop and go home.

I tried every product I could find – disposable pads, incontinence underwear, and athletic apparel claiming to absorb and hide minor leaks. Nothing worked for me, but I wasn’t about to give up. The mental and physical health benefits of exercise far outweighed my personal discomfort and I vowed to come up with my own solution. So, I launched Prickly Pear Sports. Prickly Pear shorts and leggings feature a mesh brief – just like those you see in most running shorts - with a padded gusset that’s soft next to sensitive skin, absorbs and wicks moisture away from the body, and conceals urine leaks during athletic activity. There are so many barriers to exercise, SUI shouldn’t be one of them. I want to inspire women to reclaim confidence, return to sport and get back in the game.

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