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Respect Outside

Workplace Harassment Prevention and Training

For those who choose to spend their lives in wild places, among mountain peaks and deep river canyons, the sense of self is strong, and the need for trust is fundamental.

Respect Outside works to harness the reverence and trust integral to the outdoors and bring it into the workplace through comprehensive harassment-prevention trainings. Our philosophy and culture-shift approach of Equity Through Action is intentionally designed to guide employees, executives, and HR professionals into new ways of thinking which create a safer, more productive work environment for all.

A business can say anything they want about what they expect from their employees, regardless of whether or not those expectations are actually enforced in the workplace. At Respect Outside, we aim to help the outdoor recreation industry take those written values from decoration to decorum. We teach employees at every level, including executives and HR professionals, how to live the principles of Equity Through Action with real-life simulations and trainings designed to cultivate a healthy and respectful workplace.

Founded in Bend, Oregon, in 2019, Respect Outside provides sexual-harassment prevention trainings to businesses in the outdoor industry, including manufacturers, retailers, outfitters, nonprofits, government agencies, camps, and universities.

Founders Gina McClard, J.D., and Jim Miller recognized the need for employee trainings designed for the kinds of bold and adventurous individuals who make their home in the outdoors industry, and so they endeavored to develop a curriculum based on a philosophy of respect and equity and in the workplace.

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