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The Original Skirt Company

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Skhoop is the Original Skirt Company, founded in 1999 in Åre, Sweden. Proudly women owned and operated, Skhoop makes skirts that are made to move, inspired by the outdoors.

The morning was cold. My coffee was cold. And I was a tad tried and frozen. But Labbe, my dog, was happy. As always. I was happy too, but I didn't really feel like taking that long morning walk in -20°C.

I was literally tired of freezing my butt off! But you do things for those you love, so we went for that walk around Åre, a small mountain village in northern Sweden where we live. I passed the guys who work with the ski lift. I said hi to the street workers who shovel tons of snow in the main square. I was freezing!

We slid down the hill towards the bakery with its seductive smell of freshly baked bread. Inside, with a warm cup of coffee, I realized that there was something missing in my wardrobe. Why did I wear a big down parka and a pair of jeans with long underwear? I needed something that could keep my bum and my legs warm.

After breakfast I ran home with an idea in my head. I found my old down parka in the basement, grabbed a pair of scissors, sat at my old sewing machine and went to work.

A few hours later I was done. The first down skirt had seen the light of day! Not the most sophisticated design- or the best fit- but it did the job. It was functional, it kept me warm.

The next morning, I dragged my dog out very early and laughed my way through the village, my butt warm the entire way!
-Sissi Kewenter

Small Business
offerings: hiking | shorts | skirts | t-shirts

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