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Urban Outdoors

When it comes to the outdoors, together is better.

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At Urban Outdoors, our mission is first and foremost to help more people get outdoors and develop the skills for safe, conscious exploration of nature.

There’s a common myth that we’re here to bust: that cities and nature can’t coexist.

Sure, you may look out your window and see roads and concrete, but if you know where to look, you can find some pretty awesome trails and waterways no matter where you live. From the skyscrapers of New York to the urban sprawl of Los Angeles, there are ways to get outdoors without straying far from your city.

You want to escape the city grind and enjoy the peace and quiet of nature. We want to help.

Founded in the heart of Chicago, Urban Outdoors was born and bred in the bustle of cities. We provide the information you need to plan local outdoor activities, and facilitate the connections you crave with other local adventure lovers just like you.

Later this year, we’ll be releasing our community platform designed to connect you to outdoor activities and adventure buddies in your own city.

Our founder and CEO, Kay Rodriguez, has nearly a decade of experience in the travel and outdoor recreation industries, and has previously collaborated with brands and publications such as National Geographic, Prana and Lonely Planet.

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