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Wild Child Media Co.

Visual Storyteller


Wild Child Media Co. is a natural progression of a life-long passion of seeking stories rich in emotion, and infused with the intimate wildness of the human experience.
With 15 years of camera work behind me, and a lifetime of capturing stories in front of me, my passion is stronger than ever to capture photos that stand the test of time.

I’m dedicated to authentic, honest imagery, crafted with vibrant, true-to-feel tones that remind you life doesn’t need to be romanticized - it’s already full of magic.

My name is Ri - pronounced like the bread and the whiskey. I’m a southwest US based photographer and videographer.

I draw inspiration from rainstorms, blue hours, and the weather we've been taught to avoid, and am a firm believer that if it’s fun, it’s fine, and if it’s not fine, then it’s a great opportunity to make it fun and find moments of wonder in an otherwise chaotic and hard life.

I specialize in capturing raw, captivating, intimate chapters of human connection. With each other, with the Earth, and with ourselves. I bring an intimate and laid back approach to photographing for the authentically wild, the deep thinkers, and the big dreamers who want candid, true-to-feel photographs.

My home-base is Durango, CO, and I offer services Globally. Let’s create some magic together.

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