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For Mothers in Nature

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It's our mission to empower women in all phases of life, to spend more time outdoors. Wildelore is committed to creating high-quality & ethically produced clothes that stand the test of time. For the love of mother nature.

Our clothes transform & adapt to your body throughout each season of motherhood. Wear now and for many years to come.

Designed to look great & feel comfortable, whether you're on the trail, camping, in the alpine, or out for dinner with friends.

Slow down, breathe deeply, and connect with yourself, your little one and the natural world around you.


We're the Miseners - Carissa, Chas & Ada - and we're based out of a tiny mountain town in British Columbia, Canada. We love spending time outdoors, and hope to instil the same appreciation for nature with our daughter and future children.

When I became a new mom, getting outside was essential for my physical, mental and spiritual wellness. Having the opportunity to reconnect to myself, my little one, and to nature was my lifeline amidst the sleep deprivation and newness of the first year of motherhood.

Surprised by how little clothing options there were during pregnancy and nursing that suited my love of spending time in nature, I began to do some research. This process introduced me to countless other women asking the same question - "why are we being left out of the outdoor industry?"

Well...we're going to change that! And in doing so, prove to the world that women in all phases deserve a place in the outdoors

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