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Women Owning Woodlands

Independent by Nature

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The Women Owning Woodlands web project strives to bring topical, accessible, and current forestry information to woodland owners and forest practitioners through news articles, blogs, events, resources, and personal stories. We support women in forest leadership, women who manage their own woodlands, and all who facilitate the stewardship of forests.

Women Owning Woodlands.net is a collaborative project of the National Woodland Owners Association (NWOA) and the USDA Forest Service, Cooperative Forestry Office.

Founded in 1983 as an independent voice of family woodland owners, NWOA has steadily grown to 29,000 national and affiliate members in all 50 states. NWOA publishes National Woodlands Magazine featuring original articles and regular columns such as Woodland Report (late breaking news from Washington DC and the states), Conservation News Digest, Timber Tax News you Can Use, and Lessons From the Woods. Additional information is available at NWOA.net. NWOA partners with 42 affiliated state organizations in the nationwide Alliance of Landowner Associations to further responsible woodland stewardship.

Cooperative Forestry at the US Forest Service operates the Forest Stewardship, Forest Legacy, Community Forestry, and Urban Forestry federal programs and supports work in biomass research and development and ecosystem services valuation. All these programs are brought home to landowners through the commitments of state forestry agencies that combine federal and state resources to benefit the people and land of their states.


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