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Natural Wool Blister Aid Skin Cushion

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Wool-it is……100% natural New Zealand wool and used as a skin cushion to prevent blisters .

Home grown in New Zealand the Romney and Corriedale sheep are farmed in this temperate climate where they are out in the grassy pastures all year round and produce a resilient wool free of dust, dirt and thistles.

Our suppliers only accept wool from ethically-produced, grass fed sheep free from mulesing.

At the mill the wool is scoured (washed) using a standard aqueous treatment with an Eco-friendly detergent that is bio-degradable, dried and carded into slivers.

A snap decision was made to walk 680kms across Spain on the Camino de Santiago in 2012. With less than 3 weeks before departure date the research began!

Little thought was really given to the task I was committing to, as I realised every story I read of the pilgrimage recounted tales of ‘broken feet’. Blisters raw and bleeding, feet too sore to carry on, excruciating, crippling pain.

It was no longer important where I was going, there was time only to be sure I found some means to make it to the end with my feet intact. Every waking moment was spent exploring foot protection recommendations. In general terms, I knew I couldn’t physically carry enough for 4 weeks walking, of all the expensive stick on products, and there were so many to choose from I didn’t know where to start.

Eventually my searching turned up the possibilities of sheep’s wool and the advantages of a natural, light product that wouldn’t further damage my feet. Wool it was – but where to find it in practical quantities?

Word of mouth at last got me a small bag of precious wool to squeeze into the back pack and we were on our way. The intrepid journey began.

Returning to New Zealand I have continued to encounter huge numbers of sportspeople, walkers, skiers etc who have had issues with comfort of their feet while enjoying their passion. All have taken the opportunity to ‘try my wool’ and so it is, that a market has evolved for Wool-it – a skin cushion of wool for blister prevention. Perhaps one day I will return to the Camino and offer salve to the pilgrims before they set out!

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