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weber county's north fork park | ogden valley, utah | september 15 - 17, 2023

A camping weekend in the company of like-minded women with hands-on workshops, fun activities, and a market of women-forward outdoor brands


Swell is for ALL WOMEN who want to be outside! This weekend is for people that feel at home in the company of women, who are inspired by like-minded women, and want to connect with other outdoorsy women.

Women who love to celebrate, share, learn, and play together in nature! If you like walking, adventuring, shredding, or gardening, getting outside fills your soul and reminds you what it’s all about.

Women who love to get the inside scoop on new, fresh ideas that make the outdoors more accessible, comfortable, and fun. You love supporting women-owned businesses that focus on making things better for all of us. This is especially for those that love hearing from the makers and doers that are out there, making women-forward solutions. Solutions like actual, functional, can-fit-your-whole-hand pockets!

Do you own women-forward outdoor brand? Are you a leader in your organization or group that has +50% women in leadership roles?
We'd love to have you at Swell!

camp with outdoorsy women