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Adventure Amigas

A community of aventureras y callejeras on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and liberation in the outdoors.

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Adventure Amigas is a community of chingonas taking up space in traditionally white spaces and experiencing that space OUR way. We are here to create culturally relevant experiences and loving connections with our amigas in uplifting, daring, and empowering ways.

We are here to unapologetically liberate ourselves from machista and cultural expectations rebelling against what we have been raised to believe the majority of our vidas. Traveling and being a callejera is a rebellious act. We want more chingonas in the outdoors, traveling, and adventuring. Welcome to the adventure!

Adventure Amigas was founded by Ned Martinez-Zavala, passionate about launching a community organization dedicated to fighting machismo and the patriarchy through adventure, amistad, and amor.

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