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Tarpe Diem: Totable Style for Outdoor Life

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Tarpestry makes water-resistant outdoor blankets and decorative tarps that put a buffer between you and the elements. Get close to the earth, without getting the earth on your pants.

Spending time outdoors is a lot more enjoyable when you’re not thinking about your wet butt. Tarpestry camping tarps provide a barrier between your body and moisture, dirt, sand, itchy plants, and insects. Because you deserve to experience nature in a way that is relaxing and refreshing.

Inspired by the raw majesty of the outdoors, The Tarpestry Company creates versatile ground blankets and decorative tarps to widen comfort zones for maximum enjoyment of camping and outdoor adventure. Combining the water-repellent, UV-resistant properties of a tarp with the beautiful designs of a tapestry, the Tarpestry outdoor blanket is a soft and durable, weather-resistant ground tarp that puts a layer between you and the elements.

Ted and Carrie here, creators of the family-owned and Made in America Tarpestry!
What drives Tarpestry is the raw majesty of the outdoors and the pleasure of being in it. What does not? A soggy bottom and sunburn. That is why we create products that widen comfort zones – providing a buffer from the occasional unpleasantries in nature. Fun, funky and most of all functional, Tarpestry provides protections with the beloved outdoors so that all may enjoy nature with ease.

Alongside taking pleasure in the environment there have to be provisions to protect it. That is why we are dedicated to incorporating sustainable components into all aspects of our business and lives.

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