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Adventure Mamas Initiative

Maternal Wellness Advocacy

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Adventure Mamas Initiative (AMI) is a nationwide non-profit organization that supports all who identify with the experience of being a mother. We provide an inclusive space for mothers to be authentic, build a community of support, and nurture reconnection with self through all phases of motherhood.

AMI welcomes all transgender, cisgender, and non-binary mothers.

We are redefining motherhood by encouraging all mothering people to prioritize their own wellness.

Our Board of Directors are industry professionals guiding the growth of our organization. These civic leaders have expertise in nonprofit development, marketing, experiential education, healthcare, and social entrepreneurship.

Early in 2016, Adventure Mamas Initiative (AMI) was built as a small community platform for women to connect with others going through similar motherhood experiences. Our community was, and remains, a safe space for women to ask questions, arrange to meet other locals for a fun day on the trail, and find emotional support.

As the community quickly grew and evolved, the clear need for focused resources and programming to support maternal wellness was apparent. In 2017, AMI filed for and obtained 501(c)(3) status within the state of Utah. Since then, we’ve witnessed the development of an incredible, nation-wide community, built out diverse programming which includes wilderness expeditions, wellness workshops, grassroots leadership trainings, and more, and are advocating for maternal wellness within the outdoor industry and beyond.


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