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Black People Will Swim

Changing the Narrative

At Black People Will Swim, our mission is plain and simple: we are smashing the stereotype that Black people don’t swim. We achieve this through our four foundational pillars F.A.C.E. encouraging our community to FACE their fears.

While we're known as Black People Will Swim, all aspiring swimmers are welcome to join the movement. Our goal is to make a difference in every community that's ready to dive into a new beginning.

Paulana Lamonier is the founder of Black People Will Swim, a purpose-driven organization working to smash the stereotype that Black people don’t swim.

After learning how to swim with the help of coaches in 2009 at CUNY York College, Paulana nurtured her love for swimming and became inspired to teach others how to conquer their fear of water. For over a decade, she has shared her passion for swimming by working with swim clubs, teams, and gyms to build a community with her students.​

She's also a multimedia journalist who has made a career out of telling compelling stories. She's written for Fast Company, Forbes, Complex Magazine, and interviewed the likes of Queen Latifah, Loni Love, Venus Williams, and more.

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