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Blaze Physio

Physical therapy assessment, resources, and education to keep you going both on and off the trail.

Physically, Mentally, and Geographically, I’ll Meet You There.
Blaze Physio is a mobile and telehealth physical therapy practice that provides resources and recovery to long distance hikers, runners, and the general population.

Traveling by foot can make it complicated to seek help in the midst of a thru-hike. Organizing rides and connecting with healthcare professionals can be both time consuming and expensive while on trail. For PCT hikers in the class of 2022, Morgan will be out on trail in her van ready to assist.

With a range of experience from trauma hospitals, to rehab, to outpatient facilities, Morgan has an eye for medical complexities, and complex recoveries. For those not within the geographical area, Morgan can be reached via telehealth to offer a comprehensive evaluation and plan for meeting your goals.


Morgan Brosnihan, PT, DPT has been Doctor of Physical Therapy since 2017 and is passionate about helping her patients make progress to get back to, or keep doing what they love. Morgan has worked both as a traveling therapist, and a clinic manager.

In 2018 Morgan moved into her cargo van, and completed her first long distance hike on Vermont’s Long Trail. Then, in 2019 she completed the 2,650 mile Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada. After seeing countless hikers dealing with similar injuries, and some resulting in expensive town stays, quitting the trail, or losing their trail family, Morgan was determined to make a difference in injury rates of thru-hikers. On Trail, Morgan was able to help some hikers that happened to cross paths at the right time. After treating a hiker in the first 500 miles, she later ran into her 1500 miles later and learned her guidance was enough for her to keep going.

Since the PCT, Morgan has remodeled her bold red van to not only be a home, but also a mobile rehab. Offering accessibility to those in outdoor spaces, rural areas, or confined to home, Morgan brings quality care in a multitude of ways.

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