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Defiance Tools


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Explorers need products that are easy to use and make their journey easier.

Defiance Tools was created for those who love the adventure of exploration and want to go anywhere and do anything. Whether you are exploring our vast country, hitting the road full time or planning brief escapes we bring you products to help navigate your way.

Explorers need products that are easy to use and make their journey easier. Defiance Tools offers compact multitools and EDC items that fit in your pocket, coffee brewers that can be used on the go, unique cocktail equipment to make drinks like a professional bartender and unique goods from around the world.

We are Rich and Zoe’ Coulcher and started our business in 2016 to fuel our passion for exploration, adventure and travel and to develop products to help us navigate our way. From co-founder, Zoe' Coulcher,: customer service, passion, and enthusiasm are just some of the traits I bring to this exciting new business called Defiance Tools. Digging in and solving complex problems through difficult real estate negotiations, retail store startups and turnarounds is my specialty and building high performance teams that are ready to win is my passion. My successful career as a Dick's Sporting Goods, GM and transition to a consummate real estate professional have been driven by a ruthless vision that the customer always comes first. In ever changing marketplaces, I leverage a keen eye for trends and technology, like an "expert shopper", in order to maximize customer satisfaction, deliver the right home or product and produce exceptional results.

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