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Equity Global Treks

Women Focused. Workforce Equity. Community Led

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EQUITY GLOBAL TREKS is an award-winning mission-based tourism initiative that focuses on uniquely designed trekking tours. Prior to EGT, I ran my adventure travel social enterprise, Peak Explorations, which provided me the opportunity to thoroughly study the trekking tourism industry in Peru, Tanzania, Nepal, Mongolia, Chile, Bhutan, India, Republic of Georgia, Argentina, Philippines, and more. Peak Explorations officially closed its doors in early 2021 as I decided to be more intentional in my purpose with the treks that I organize and offer to everyone. Thus, EGT was born.

Equity Global Treks aims to disrupt the current systems of oppression by implementing three changes in the industry: Workforce Equity Tourism, Community Led Tourism and Women Focused Tourism.

OUR MISSION: To advocate for the human rights of the porters and create Workforce Equity Tourism in the trekking industry worldwide through the use of storytelling and media in all forms

As the founder of Peak Explorations, I learned that there’s a dire need to transform the trekking tourism industry into one that is inclusive and equitable. In addition, I observed the industry to demonstrate traces of imperialism and colonialism in its operations. This means the local communities hardly have any say in the way tourism should operate in their community. The business operation of many tour companies can be described as extractive. The influence of a capitalistic system persuades many tourism stakeholders, company owners, and leaders, most of whom are from outside the community or another country, to design treks and tours that are driven by profits at the expense of the local people. Oftentimes, this leads to the abuse and exploitation of the workforce; thereby violating their basic human rights, labor rights and indigenous rights.

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