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DryFoxCo towels were made out of necessity. To fill a void. To make traveling easier. For everyone. No matter their travel style or experience level.

Backpackers. Beach goers. Campers. Nomads. Weekend hikers. Day trippers. Road warriors. Vanlifers.

No matter how different, they all had the same problems.

Too much stuff. Heavy bags. Soggy towels. Annoying!

How do I know this?

Because I had the same issues.

And was determined to create the solution.

"sometimes it takes a real traveler to create what you need to travel better"

How It Started…
The wintry air chilled me as I jetted from the locker room. Shivering in the wind, I threw my towel along the fence, dropped my keys on the table, and put my phone in the pile with the others, then plunged right into the warm water of Iceland’s Secret Lagoon.

After a few relaxing hours, it was time to emerge from the heavenly bath and brave the cold weather again. It took a couple attempts and then 1, 2, 3…I made a run for it.

You know the one thing you don’t want to do when you’re soaking wet in the freezing cold air as icicles form in your hair is?

Waste time running around collecting all of your belongings and digging through a pile of towels that all look the same.

Welp you see where this is going.

And I promised myself this would never happen again. Not to me. Not to anyone.

How It’s Going…
So I committed the next 6 months to designing, testing, and manufacturing a towel that would put an end to this problem.

Towels that are compact and convenient enough to carry with your everywhere you go.

Towels with unique, fun prints.

But most importantly, towels that have a built-in, water-resistant, zipper storage pocket so all of your valuables can be kept in one place while you’re swimming.

So you can live life to the fullest and make lasting memories without having to worry about the little things.

And then DryFoxCo was born. To help you travel smarter.

All of our towels were created with travelers like you in mind.

Wishing you easy travels,


Samantha Peck, DryFoxCo Creator
Samantha is solopreneur originally from upstate NY. She currently lives on the road full-time in a campervan with her 2 cats traveling to festivals, events, and expos all over the US. She enjoys hiking, paddle-boarding, roller-skating and Indian food. She plans to grow DryFoxCo into a full line of smart, compact travel gear.

what we love

We love the versatility, thoughtful details and fun designs! While on the Rebelle Rally, Outspring Founder, Tami Jo Benson brought her DryFoxCo towel out on the adventure. She got the chance to bring it out to the hot springs and surprise - a fellow competitor had a DryFoxCo towel, too!

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