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We believe that there are many aspects of the feminine spirit and body and that our equipment and clothing needs have long been over-looked by the outdoor gear industry. Good enough isn’t enough when it comes to comfort, safety, and style.

“Shrink and Pink” doesn’t fit!

Learn more on how you can help us change the gear industry and make outdoor sports more inclusive and diverse.

E2T Adventures is dedicated to supporting you to ignite your passion for exploring the things you love and pursuing every adventure you want to experience. Through inspirational and informative content, the right gear, experiences, and listening to your needs we help you connect to a community, engage with the world, and confidently go on your next adventure ~ wherever the wind, water, snow, or dirt takes you.

E2T’ Adventure's story began when founder, Marci Nault, tried to buy her first dry-top from a brand name. When she looked at the sizing chart she realized that she was a small, medium, large, and an extra large measurement all in the same garment. How was that possible?

After posting on a ladies white water kayaking forum asking for sizing help she received 300 comments about the gear industry and sizing issues. Reading the comments she realized that her struggle with the gear industry wasn’t hers alone: Being a muscular and athletic build but average height, white water kayaking boats were always in-between sizes; Hiking zip-off pants didn’t fit her body; Dry pants only came in men’s sizes; There were very few small shaft paddles that fit her hands; Gloves were too big; Hiking boots slipped in the heel.

In researching the problem she found the words, “Shrink and pink it.”

They took men’s models and simply shrank them down and made them either pink, purple, or blue. How was that ever supposed to fit?

Realizing that she’s spent her life feeling as if she didn’t “fit” in the outdoor adventure world she set out to change an industry while inspiring more women to get out and explore.

“I feel most like myself when I sit by a river with a cup of coffee and simply enjoy the beauty of the world. When I’m in nature the idea of what I “should” look like, or the intensity of what I “should” accomplish fades away. But when it comes to gear and comfort I always felt like I was compromising with what was available, and I truly felt I was the wrong body type for my sports.

“I wasn’t wrong, I was overseen.”

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E2T Adventures is asking the question, "What do you need?" We are here for it, pull up a comfy seat and a beverage. It's gonna be a minute.

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