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My mission, through Elements Running Education, is to empower women runners to run with more confidence and skill; to share knowledge that allows you to train smart and stay healthy; to help you overcome obstacles and push your boundaries.

I want to help you find sustainable ways of making running a fun and exhilarating part of your life, and connect you with a running community you can identify with.

My clients are real women with busy lives. As recreational runners, we have so many responsibilities to juggle aside from getting in a run. I create training programs that are realistic and easy to balance with your commitments and routines — while keeping in mind that you are worth prioritizing.

Hi, I’m Heini (“Haynee”). I'm a running coach for recreational runners, specializing in women in their 40s and 50s who want to run with more purpose, more confidence, and fewer injuries.

I love to work with runners who are returning to the sport after a break, runners who have had injuries, and intermediate runners who are looking for the next training goal and expert guidance.

Whether you want to learn how to run faster, how to run longer distances, or simply how to find the joy in running and make it part of your life, I’m here to help you get on the right track.

Running could be the best thing you do for your health, longevity and confidence. Don’t let fear or a lack of knowledge stand in your way — join us and find a strategy or training plan that’s perfect for you!


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