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Erika Leigh

Preserving beautiful moments and telling important stories.

As a photographer, traveler, artist, explorer, reader and more, Erika Leigh shares her creative endeavors. From logo design to portrait sessions and embroidery to wildlife photography, she loves getting to tell stories through a variety of mediums.

A degree in graphic design, years of experience as a portrait photographer and relentless desire to explore are just the start. Being passionate about telling the stories of emerging entrepreneurs and wild places has been the key factor in cultivating a client base and variety of projects that I am excited to work on.

At 25 I had an ideal job in my field of choice and I quit. I needed to experience more. Explore myself and the world, figure out what I was actually pursuing and how I wanted to get there. I didn't know exactly what I was looking for or if I would know when I found it. I decided to start with closing up shop on everything that was current in my life and planning a 9-month trip abroad. Then Covid-19 hit and just 2-weeks before I was scheduled to fly to South Africa, my trip was off. I needed a new plan, and this is part of it.

I converted a van into a tiny home on wheels and spent 6 months on a solo road trip across the US. Many days were spent hiking and getting to know myself as I challenged my comfort zone and navigated bumps in the road. Even more hours were spent behind the wheel with an audio book on and the countryside changing before my eyes. More than ever this year I got still to soak up amazing views with my camera in hand and came away a more skilled photographer.

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