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Scrub n’ Run

Soap-Infused Disposable Dish Sponge

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Scrub n’ Run™ is ideal for Tupperware, shaker bottles, mugs, sippy cups, bottles, utensils & meal prep containers. Can be used for camping, travel, hotels, AirBnBs, or anywhere life takes you. It was born in 2022 with a vision that dishware could be cleaned out anywhere at any time when founder Audra Van Wie was at a hotel room cleaning out her travel food containers with shampoo and a washcloth.

At Scrub n’ Run™, we are committed to sustainability. The sponges are made from wood-pulp and are biodegradable. They can even be composted or buried once thoroughly rinsed and free from soap. The soap is eco-friendly (free of any artificial dyes and scented with essential oils). We are working to source a sustainable and environmentally friendly plastic wrapper.

Founder Audra Van Wie is a fitness enthusiast, pilot, mother to two children, and an avid traveler who takes with her every type of dishware (Tupperware, shaker bottles, water bottles, mugs, etc). She created Scrub n’ Run™ to fill the need for an easy-to-use disposable dish cleaning solution to clean out all types of dishware, baby bottles, sippy cups anywhere she goes - hotels, airports, rest stops, sporting events, camping trips, Air BnBs, the list is endless.

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