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Fishe Wear

Fishing Clothing for Women

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Fishe Wear exists to create functional fishing fashion for women. In addition, Fishe Wear aims to empower women in the outdoors through inspiring and comfortable clothing to be confident in. The end goal of Fishe is to change women’s outdoor wear forever.

The story of Fishe Wear begins with one woman’s passion for fly fishing. After a lifetime of fishing in ill-fitting clothing, Linda Leary founded Fishe Wear with the goal of creating functional fishing fashion for women. She founded the company in 2015.

We hope you’ll join us and support us on this journey!

Little known fact: Linda originally wanted to name the company “Lindy Line” after her inspiration, and father, Lindy. Lindy shared his passion for fly fishing with Linda when she was a small girl growing up in Maine.

what we love

Bright colors! Fun designs!

Small Business

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