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Flex aims to transform the lives of people with periods and offer period freedom™.

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We're on a mission to help people with periods thrive, which means menstrual products are just the beginning. We believe in a world where vagina isn't a bad word, where trans men and non-binary menstruators are part of the conversation, and where nobody is turned away from essential period care due to their
financial situation.

Choose love over fear

We work in an industry that has capitalized on shame and profited from fear. If we make decisions out of fear, we stray further from our purpose as a company and as individuals. All decisions are, ultimately, driven by fear or by love. We choose love.

Have a growth mindset

Talent is only the starting point. Our abilities are developed through dedication and hard work. Learning and resilience are essential to sustained accomplishment.

Optimize for trust

Long-term relationships are formed when there is a foundation of trust. Both within and outside of the company, we work to create, maintain, and build trust.

Embrace authenticity

Being a different version of you at work versus at home is draining. Respecting and embracing our collective diversity starts with respecting and embracing yourself. We encourage all employees to simply "Be you.”

Because our production facilities are so close to our warehouses, we reduce energy usage and emissions that come from transit.

Flex Reusable Disc and Flex Cup are zero-waste products, and Flex Disc reduces waste by 60% compared to traditional period products. Supporting Flex means you're supporting Mother Earth.

Our materials are not just of the utmost quality, they are also ethically sourced and repurposed when possible. Our factory partners are at the core of our business, and we ensure they are treated with care and respect.

Transparency is at the core of who we are. When we discover something that might benefit you, we share it. Our blog—The Fornix—is full of educational tidbits from our resident experts that you'll wish you'd known yesterday.

People have periods. We're helping build a future where talking about them is as normal as spilling the tea.

Flex Founder & CEO Lauren Schulte Wang

After silently suffering from chronic yeast infections for 15 years related to organic tampon use, I felt it was time to change the status-quo--not just for myself, but for menstruators everywhere. I set out to create period products that were truly innovative by solving real period problems, like cramping, bloating, odor and unnecessary waste.

In 2014, I began researching product alternatives and hosting focus group dinners to discuss periods and period products with consumers. Weekly dinner conversations turned into a movement that we call the Uterati, a community invested in improving the future of period products.

In 2016, I launched The Flex Co. after discovering the menstrual disc technology and innovating to improve its materials, comfort, and efficacy. Flex was created to give those who menstruate products that prioritize comfort, support an active lifestyle and are better for the environment.

Flex aims to transform the lives of people with periods and offer period freedom.


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