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Gaan and Co

Go with gaan. Eco-friendly wellness wipes for every adventure.

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At gaan + co, we believe that all adventures are created equal, and each of us deserves to experience ours to the fullest.

We also know that when it comes to adventure, the devil is truly in the details. A change in the weather, a ripped seam or a cancelled flight - these factors are ones we can't always control.

But when it comes to ensuring ourselves and our fellow adventurists are feeling refreshed, protected and prepared, we've got you covered - literally and figuratively.

Everywhere you go, go with gaan.

All natural mosquito repellent and aluminum-free deodorant.

Co-founded by worldwide travelers and best friends for 20 years, Hillary and Siobhan struggled to find affordable and convenient products that protect against mosquitoes and the grit that long days of exploration can bring.

Sure, liquid-based products exist. But Hill and Siobhan found that traveling for weeks, or even days, with 3 ounce containers of bug spray and poorly manufactured travel deodorant were unreliable, expensive, bulky, and full of less than desirable ingredients.

gaan body, LLC was established to offer on-the-go solutions for travelers, families, festival goers, active consumers like hikers, skiers, gym go-ers, and everyone in between. Embrace your everyday adventure!

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High-quality personal wipes on the go? Yes, please!

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